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The Garden of Abundance

By Coach Pav #mycoachpav #momentsofreset Featured Moments Of Reset Kit: The Positivity Kit Photo credited: Gardening tools on wood table in the garden by ZoomTeam     I grew up in a Thai and Chinese immigrant family. My dad was a self-made man, though he didn’t have a lot growing up. I had been programmed with a scarcity mindset from before I could remember. “Finish your rice, you know how people are starving in other countries!”   "I had never thought about how abundant the universe could be until I witnessed life’s miracles through the seemingly simple act of gardening."   I’d never felt so connected to nature until towards the end of my marriage, when gardening gave my life new meaning. Spring is my...

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Moments of Reset Super Scent Index - Aromatherapy

Our Super Scents Index

Here at Moments of Reset, we believe in the power of scents and how the right scents at the right time can potentially enhance our moods, increase positive outlook on life and boost self-confidence.  Here is the list of our star scents in our mood enhancing mists, bath salts and candles.   Basil Aroma: herbaceous with spicy undertones Mood Enhancing Properties*: promote positivity and reduce stress and anxiety Spiritual Symbols: love Blueberry Aroma: fruity with sweet undertones Mood Enhancing Properties*: The sweetness of blueberry scent can put you in a fun playful mood Spiritual Symbols: eternity, positivity and inner peace Cinnamon Aroma: woody with spicy undertones Mood Enhancing Properties*: promote sexual desire and raise consciousness and vibration Spiritual Symbols: love,...

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The Powerful Gifts of Healing #momentsofreset #mycoachpav

The Powerful Gifts of Healing

By Coach Pav   "Gift giving has become a universal language of expressing our emotions and underlying feelings to someone based on occasions."   We give gifts pretty much for any special occasions like holidays, special events and milestones (e.g., graduations, getting a job, getting married, having a baby) to congratulate and show our affections and positive feelings to someone. Likewise, during Moments of Reset, we also give gifts to express our sympathy, support, friendship and empathy on occasions like the loss of loved ones, breakups/divorce, illness, etc. Why do we give gifts? When we give gifts, we are showing how much we care about the giftees. Though, there are much deeper meanings in gifts than simply offering what’s inside...

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How Scents Can Promote Better Mood and Healing During Moments of Reset - #momentsofreset #moodmist

The Science Behind Moment of Reset's Mood Enhancing Mist

How Scents Can Promote Better Mood and Healing During Moments of Reset   By Coach Pav   You might not routinely reach for perfume or essential oils to promote positivity and healing, but doing so can influence your mood, helping to improve your frame of mind and outlook on life.   "We process scents in our olfactory cortex--the part of our brain close to where we manage memories. Unsurprisingly, you may think of your childhood when you smell fresh bread or reminisce about your grandmother when the scent of lavender fills the air."   Scents influence our mindset and self-assurance. Scents from Rosemary and Eucalyptus essentials, star ingredients in our “Unicorn Whizz” Mood Enhancing Body and Room Mist in many...

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