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Self-Care Mindful Gifts for Spunky Souls in Transition

Gifts of Self-Care and Healing

We believe these are among the most powerful gifts. All of our products are packed with healing messages and infused with good vibes that positively fuel the mind, body and soul for you and your loved ones

Because I Care

Giving is a magical feeling to both giver and receiver. It's a physical manifestation of showing how you care about someone (including yourself). Thank you for trusting us to be a part of this magic.

Support Local

When you buy from us, you're saying YES to a self-sustainable economy by supporting a local business. We're proudly saying that majority of our products are made here in the USA


We are 100% against testing on animals whatsoever and will never test on one. Period.


We source our products and ingredients from ethical suppliers

What Are Your Moments of Reset?

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