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The Garden of Abundance

By Coach Pav #mycoachpav #momentsofreset

Featured Moments Of Reset Kit: The Positivity Kit

Photo credited: Gardening tools on wood table in the garden by ZoomTeam



I grew up in a Thai and Chinese immigrant family. My dad was a self-made man, though he didn’t have a lot growing up. I had been programmed with a scarcity mindset from before I could remember. “Finish your rice, you know how people are starving in other countries!”


"I had never thought about how abundant the universe could be until I witnessed life’s miracles through the seemingly simple act of gardening."


I’d never felt so connected to nature until towards the end of my marriage, when gardening gave my life new meaning. Spring is my favorite season of all; it’s the season of hope and abundance. Every day that spring, I would go into my garden to watch my flowers bloom and fruit trees grow. Despite the suffering it endured from the harsh New Jersey winters, my garden grew stronger, more beautiful, and more abundant each year. 

In a world of chaos, where people go to war fighting for limited resources, my garden had not just survived but thrived. The strong survived as the weak plants died, though their deaths were not in vain. They became nutrients in the earth to help the survivors grow even stronger. 


"As with life, gardening shows us there are two sides to every story. I realized that I had to decide which side to focus on—the brutality of the winter season and the death that is sure to follow it, or the miracles of birth and renewal that follow the snow, wind, and ice."


I choose to see the magic of my garden, experiencing the beauty, miracles, and abundance that take over my backyard every spring.

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