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How Scents Can Promote Better Mood and Healing During Moments of Reset - #momentsofreset #moodmist

The Science Behind Moment of Reset's Mood Enhancing Mist

How Scents Can Promote Better Mood and Healing During Moments of Reset


By Coach Pav


You might not routinely reach for perfume or essential oils to promote positivity and healing, but doing so can influence your mood, helping to improve your frame of mind and outlook on life.


"We process scents in our olfactory cortex--the part of our brain close to where we manage memories. Unsurprisingly, you may think of your childhood when you smell fresh bread or reminisce about your grandmother when the scent of lavender fills the air."


Scents influence our mindset and self-assurance. Scents from Rosemary and Eucalyptus essentials, star ingredients in our Unicorn Whizz Mood Enhancing Body and Room Mist in many of our Kits, are relaxing, calming, and therefore may be able to relieve some anxiety during stressful time*. The versatile Lavender, used in many of our products such as "Let that Sh!t Go" Bath Salts, "@sshole Repellent" Mist and "New Beginnings" Mist) are soothing and is known to have healing properties to help us relax and put our minds at ease*. Other scents, like ylang-ylang, in Love Potion#69 Mist, are sensual and can make you feel romantic and confident when you are anxious about an upcoming date.

We experience many smells every day and may not realize how they shape our mindset. Fresh coffee, for instance, can rekindle a spirit of security and comfort. As a result, positivity can grow during your coffee break.


"Harnessing the power of specific scents will help you overcome anxiety during Moments of Reset and give you confidence and strength to let go and move on to the next phrase of your life."


First, though, you need to pinpoint the smells that lift your mood, making you optimistic and upbeat. These emotions link with high self-esteem and can get you through a demanding day.

Your brain makes associations between scents and intense emotions. The chances are, you can think of pleasant memories and recall the scents you met. When you remember them, make a list to use later. For example, if you went on an exotic vacation, recall the local scents you came across.

Foods, drinks, flowers and the general environment will have influenced you. As a result, your list might include salty ocean air, or fresh, crisp snow-laden mountains. You may remember the scent of the cuisine you ate or the smell of linen from your hotel.

Your list may stem from childhood memories. Or it may come from romance, or times when your life went especially well. Also, you might recall scents you like, without knowing why you enjoy them, and they'll work too. Armed with insights about how to use scent, you can create self-confidence.

Gather items on your list, like spices and perfumes, and keep them ready to use. When you feel insecure after a drop in confidence, you can bake a pie with cinnamon--if it's on your list. Or, you might mow your lawn because you recall how the sweet smell of cut grass lifts your emotions.


"Scents, although often overlooked, have the potential to transform your emotions, strengthen and your confidence, leading you and your loved ones towards the path of healing. Check out some of our Mood Enhancing Mist and let them come to your aid during Moments of Reset."



*These statements haven’t been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. If you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, consult doctor before use.

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