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Our Story


Who We Are

In a world constantly rushing forward, Moments of Reset was born from a simple yet profound realization: true beauty and empowerment begin with a reset—a moment of reset. Founded on the principles of beauty, self-care, transformation, and holistic wellness, we are more than a beauty skin care/makeup brand. We are a sanctuary where every product is an invitation to explore the depths of your being, to reconnect with your essence, and to emerge renewed and radiant.

Our journey began with a vision to intertwine the art of beauty with the science of well-being, crafting a line of skincare and makeup that serves as a catalyst for personal growth and self-expression. At Moments of Reset, we believe that every individual holds an innate light, and our mission is to help that light shine brighter, one moment of reset at a time.


Our Philosophy

    Empowerment through beauty—this is the heart of our mission. We understand that life’s challenges can sometimes dim our inner light, leaving us in search of a spark to reignite our passion and purpose. Our meticulously formulated products are that spark. From the rejuvenating touch of our Glow Up Moisturizer to the transformative power of our Renewal Dew, we invite you on a journey back to yourself.

    But our commitment goes beyond the surface. With every purchase, you join our "Glow Circle," a community dedicated to spreading empowerment, one moment of reset at a time. With your every purchase, we extend this circle of support, sharing the gift of renewal with women stepping into their own power across the globe. Together, we are not just changing lives; we are redefining beauty as a force for positive transformation in the world.

    We live by our mantra, "Because I Care" which means all of our products must:

    • Come from a place of love and yes this includes cruelty-free and environmental friendly
    • Convey messages of healing and empowerment
    • Bring joy (unconventionally and inappropriately, at times!) to our customers and their loved ones.
    • Build positive, long-lasting bonds


    What is a Mindful Kit?

    Our Mindful Kit is packed with an assortment of curated self-care products and at times unconventional goods that nourish your and your loved ones' mind, body and soul. Each kit is theme based (on your mood and/or moments of reset) and offering empowering/healing messages to help you navigate through each moment head on. Every kit also comes with "Because I Care" card, a card with a curated quick mindful practice to help kick start the healing process. 


    Define Moments of Reset

    Moments of Reset are ANY life setbacks, big and small, OR simply unproductive feelings/ thoughts that are hindering our growth like anger, anxiety, fears, sadness and feelings of not good enough.

    Nobody was born with the perfect roadmap to happiness. During Moments of Reset, we're being asked by the Universe (or as many call "God") to step back and re-evaluate. So, we can then move forward, Each reset might break you, but don’t let it permanently destroy you. There’s a Chinese proverb:


    “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”


    YOU are that gem – stronger and braver than you think you are.