Our Story | Moments of Reset | Coach Pav


Who We Are

We work very hard to source quality products to ensure you and/or your loved ones are happy with the experience because we want to take the stress out of your gifting so you have more time to take care of yourself and build long lasting relationships.



Our Philosophy

We live by our mantra, "Because I Care" which means all of our kits must:

  • Come from a place of love
  • Convey messages of healing and empowerment
  • Bring joy (unconventionally and inappropriately, at times!) to our customers and their loved ones.
  • Build positive, long-lasting bonds

At Moments of Reset, we believe that authenticity is sexy and that speaking your heart is the only way to live life. Because gifts are more than a bunch of stuff wrapped in pretty boxes, we want to help you build stronger bonds and relationships that are based on authenticity and empathy with people who are meaningful to you in your life.

So, we've done the hard work for you to help you express yourself authentically, heal from Moments of Reset and also help people in your life heal and navigate through their Moments of Reset. And we love what we do!

What is a Mindful Kit?

Our Mindful Kit is packed with an assortment of curated self-care and aromatherapy products and at times unconventional goods that nourish your and your loved ones' mind, body and soul. Each kit is theme based (on your mood and/or moments of reset) and offering empowering/healing messages to help you navigate through each moment head on. Every kit also comes with "Because I Care" card, a card with a curated quick mindful practice to help kick start the healing process. 



Define Moments of Reset

Moments of Reset are ANY life setbacks, big and small, OR simply unproductive feelings/ thoughts that are hindering our growth like anger, anxiety, fears, sadness and feelings of not good enough.

Nobody was born with the perfect roadmap to happiness. During Moments of Reset, we're being asked by the Universe (or as many call "God") to step back and re-evaluate. So, we can then move forward, Each reset might break you, but don’t let it permanently destroy you. There’s a Chinese proverb:


“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”


YOU are that gem – stronger and braver than you think you are.