Mindfully Naked MINI Kit


NO MORE faking it till you make it!

In this world that is polluted with fakeness—fake news, fake handbags, fake people trying to “keep up with the Kardashians”—it’s easy to be brainwashed into this notion that you can “fake” it to “game the system.”

During Moments of Reset, it's OK to not be OK! You don’t need to fake a smile when in fact your heart is hurting or when you still feel deep anger and pain inside. The more you allow yourself to “feel the feelings”, the more ready you will be to move through the next stages of healing.



Anyone who needs a little reminder that "It's OK to not be OK!" or a boost of courage and confidence that "they are enough just by being their authentic self and need no approval!" 



  • One ”Because I Care” Card
    • A curated quick practice to help you calm the F down. Well maybe a little…
  • One 4.8oz. of “Mindfully Naked” Soap Bar
    • We shower naked. Yet we don’t always live life “Mindfully Naked” “Mindfully Naked” people feel and do things deeply and authentically. They put their hearts on the line unconditionally. They are vulnerable. They use Moments of Reset as opportunities to step back, re-evaluate their lives and learn from experiences so they can come out stronger. Let every lather of this calming Rosemary Mint soap reminds you to not let bad experiences stop you from being you. And yes, authenticity is sexy, indeed.
  • One 2oz. “Unicorn Whizz” mood enhancing body and room mist*
    • Life isn’t all rainbow and unicorn, though it’d be nice to escape the real world once in a while. Well, for juuust a little. Take a deep breath, mist on the calming blend of our “Unicorn Whizz” mood enhancing mist and get back to your cool, calm and confident self again whenever you’re ready.* Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils are known to help reduce stress and remove negative energy, bringing back the authentic you.*



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