The Positivity Kit


During Moments of Reset, you’re being asked by the Universe to step back and revaluate. Most of the time, we don’t choose those Moments; they happen to us. The key to staying sane and strong during these trying times is the courage to stay positive and recognize that even though you may not be able to control your situation, you can control YOU and how you react. Our Positivity Kit is infused with extra love and positivity from us to you/your loved one.


Anyone who's going through Moments of Reset and need a little extra boost of positivity,



  • One “Because I Care” card (this card)
    • A mindful card with a curated quick practice to help kickstart healing process.
  • One “The One-Minute Gratitude” Journal
    • A time efficient guided journal that helps you harness the power of positivity through gratitude. Life is full of wonders and there are so many blessings to be counted. Sometimes we just need a little reminder is all.
  • One “Joy” Agate Slice (Color and shape varies)
    • Agate comes in a range of rainbow colors; some are natural colors, while some are dyed. Each piece is one of a kind. We hope you’re enjoying our special pick for you. Agate symbolizes harmony, mental clarity, healing energy and rebalance. Just the kind of energy you need in moments of reset. You can meditate with it, use it as a decoration or simply hold it in your hand(s) to directly receive its healing energy.* You can even use it as a coaster. Just make sure not to spill water on the writing on your agate since the ink can be easily rubbed off with water.
  • One 50ml. Tube of “Positively Positive” Bath Salts*
    • Sometimes we need to experience the dark clouds before knowing how “Positively Positive” sunshine feels like. Let the soothing aroma of lavender essential oil and energetic orange zest take you back to those “Positively Positive” moments to remind you that the sun will always rise, even when there’re some dark clouds right now.*
  • One 2oz. Bottle of “Positivity Potion” Mood Enhancing Body & Room Mist*
    • Boost your mood and get reenergized with our sunny blend of orange and lavender mist that resemblances the smell of sunshine that brings positivity!* Orange essential oil is known for its soothing yet uplifting effect while the calming Lavender essential oil helps ease stress and relax you.* We just can’t help but smile whenever we mist on!


*These statements haven’t been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult doctor before use.