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Moments of Reset Mindfully Naked MINI Kit - #momentsofreset #mindfullynakedkit

A Ferrari with a Hyundai Engine (Fake it Till You Make It - or NOT!)

By Coach Pav #mycoachpav #momentsofreset

Featured Moments Of Reset Kit: Mindfully Naked MINI Kit

1) Lather up using "Mindfully Naked" soap and set an intention to let go of negative energy, people, thoughts and things that no longer serve you.
2)  Mist on "@sshole Repellent" on or around you to repel @sshole energy and enhance positive surroundings. WARNING: no matter how tempted you are to do this, DO NOT spray it on the @ssholes directly! It'll only further create more negativity which is the last thing you want!



I’m sure by now you’ve heard the outdated saying “fake it till you make it.” In this world that is polluted with fakeness—fake news, fake handbags, fake bacon (sorry, vegans. I love you, but fake bacon should be illegal), fake people trying to “keep up with the Kardashians”—it’s easy to be brainwashed into this notion that you can “fake” it to “game the system.”


Yet, this BS mantra takes a damaging approach to your soul. In breakup recovery, there is no “faking it.” You can’t fake your feelings or fake that you have already healed. Despite what others think of you, YOU are the one who has to live with the pain. You don’t have to pretend that you’re fine when you’re breaking inside.

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, a fake means being “a worthless imitation passed off as genuine.” Are you a “worthless imitation?” I don’t think so!


Faking means you’re hiding from your authentic self and your true feelings. When you choose to be fake instead of genuine, you avoid doing the hard work of getting through your Moments of Reset such as learning how to cope with distress, soul searching, feeling the pains, and acknowledging the scars left behind from previous heartache. You need to do all of these things so you can finally heal.


Think about this. What would you call a car with the shell of a Ferrari and a Hyundai engine? (No offense to Hyundai lovers. This is an innocent analogy!) You’d call it either a Hyundai or, worse, a knock-off, fake Ferrari. 

At least, that’s what you would call it once you got in and took it for a spin. From the outside the car might look like a Ferrari, but once you got inside and started driving it you’d know that it’s no Ferrari. So, would you be proud to own it?


Others might not recognize it as a fake Ferrari, but you would know. You’d be living a lie.


Faking that your Moments of Reset (whatever they are) didn’t happen or that it didn’t hurt you is the same sort of thing. Acting like your life is status quo by faking a smile and pretending to be strong when you are at your weakest point doesn’t do you any favors.

These actions may seem innocent enough, but all they do is serve as a constant reminder to you that you’re not being true to yourself or your feelings. Instead, you’re denying who you really are and what your soul needs to heal. Don’t deny your soul the right to grow by hiding yourself in a Ferrari shell. You don’t need to fake a smile when in fact your heart is crying with sadness and sorrow of the love you lost. 

The more you allow yourself to feel your feelings, the more ready you will be to move through the next stages of grief.

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