Zen As F-ck Kit


We all get anxious sometimes, especially during the Moments of Reset. It's very  human. For some people, traditional meditation and breathing exercises can be great sources of relief. But for some of us who need a little extra boost of Zen and sparkles to bring balance and peace back, there's a Zen As F-ck kit for that!

And remember, anxiety is not who you are; something happens and it makes you anxious But once you start to relax a little and let people see you for the authentic person you really are, you do shine bright.



Anyone who is going through Moments of Reset and needs a little extra boost of Zen and sparkles in life.



  • One “Because I Care” card (this card) 
    • A mindful card with a curated quick practice to help kickstart healing process
  • One “Zen as F*ck” Journal
    • Journal your way back to your Zen and let your sparkles shine bright with this unconventional guided journal.
  • One “Zen AF” Agate Slice (random color and shape varies)
    • Agate comes in a range of rainbow colors; some are natural colors, while some are dyed. Each piece is one of a kind. We hope you’re enjoying our special pick for you. Agate symbolizes harmony, mental clarity, healing and rebalance. Just the kind of energy you need in moments of reset. You can meditate with it, use it as a decoration or simply hold it in your hand(s) to directly receive its healing energy.* You can even use it as a coaster. Just make sure not to spill water on the writing on your agate since the ink can be rubbed off with water.
  • One 2oz. Bottle of “Unicorn Whizz” Mood Enhancing Body and Room Mist
    • Life isn’t all rainbow and unicorn, though it’d be nice to escape the real world once in a while. Take a deep breath, mist on the calming blend of our “Unicorn Whizz” mood enhancing mist and watch the magic happen.* Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils are known to help reduce stress and remove negative energy, bringing your Zen back.*
  • One 4.8oz. of “Mindfully Naked” Soap Bar
    • We shower naked. Yet we don’t always live life “Mindfully Naked”. “Mindfully Naked” people feel and do things deeply and authentically. They put their heart on the line unconditionally. They are vulnerable. In Moments of Reset, it’s easy to steel your heart in. Let every lather of this calming Rosemary Mint soap reminds you to not let bad experiences stop you from being you and yes, vulnerability is sexy, indeed.


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