Expressing your gratitude when someone goes above and beyond to do something nice to you in a unique and mindful way with "The THANK YOU Kit" to remind them of how special they are and how much you are touched by them.



Anyone who wants to send a special thank you gift to a friend, family, neighbor or pretty much anyone who you are grateful for and/or has done something nice to you.



  • One “Because I Care” card (this card)
    • A mindful card w/ a curated practice to remind them how amazing they are
  • One 2oz. Bottle of “Unicorn Whizz” Mood Enhancing Body & Room Mist*
    • Life isn’t all rainbow and unicorn, though people like them make this world a better place! They are the unicorn spreading the rainbow magic dust wherever they go. Take a deep breath, mist on the soothing blend of Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils in our Unicorn Whizz mood enhancing mist and give themselves a pat on the back.
  • One 4.8oz. of “You’re Amazing” Soap Bar
    • They are amazing! We wish there were more amazing people like them. White Musk scent is friendly, subtle, clean and fresh, while rose symbolizes beauty and courage. Just like how they are – courageous, willing and ready to help. Let every lather of our unique blend of White Musk and Rose Petals soap reminds them of how special they are and give them the courage to be and do what they do every day.
  • One 4oz. of “Good Vibes” Candle
    • Candles light up the room and remove darkness. People like they light up this world and remind us of the goodness in humanity. May they, too, be brighten up with our Good Vibe candle. The calming Lavender scent symbolizes virtue, and purity. That’s us sending them good vibes their way.
  • One 50ml. Tube of “Gratitude Infused” Mood Enhancing Bath Salts
    • Even superheroes need some downtime. Our Gratitude Infused bath salts with the blend of Orange and Rosemary essential oils are perfect for that!
  • One Mini Journal (random color)
    • So they can track their good karma credits!
  • One Pen


*These statements haven’t been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, consult doctor before use.