Money Mindset Mastery: The Blueprint to Thriving Solo | VIRTUAL LIVE Workshop 1.5hrs | Aug 28th 2023 @ 8-9.30pm ET | Pav Lertjitbanjong


VIRTUAL LIVE Workshop: 1.5hrs

DATE: Mon, Aug 28th 2023

TIME: 8:00-9.30PM Eastern Standard Time


Lost without a joint account? Dive into the science of solo financial success and thrive independently. Master the art of managing and growing your finances with confidence and clarity.

Who is this for: Those navigating the challenges of managing finances alone for the first time.
If you're ever wondering... "How do I rebuild a solo financial identity?" "What's the best way to manage money when it's all on me?"

  • Establish a solid solo financial identity
  • Confidence in every financial decision you make
  • The knowledge and tools to build a bright financial future


What You'll Learn:
  • Research-backed financial habits of successful solo individuals
  • Effective tools and techniques for financial growth and stability
  • Pav's 5 proven strategies to generate passive income as well as active income
  • Strategies to mitigate financial pitfalls and avoid common mistakes