First Date Emergency Kit


First dates can be super nerve-wracking, especially when you're just getting back out there after a while. First impression is everything and one wrong turn could have you back on Tinder, swiping left and right for a new date!

Let us handle the details and you handle the charm!



This is an excellent gift for a friend or someone you care about who's just getting back into dating again or just broke up and is trying to get over their ex. Have you ever heard of this saying, “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone?” We agreed!



  • One “Because I Care” card
    • A mindful card to help kickstart the dating process with a list of dating apps recommendations and reviews
  • One 4.8oz. “You Clean Up Well” Soap Bar
    • A good hygiene is a prerequisite to ANY good dates. A good shower with a good soap bar can help ensure that your date runs toward you, not away from you 😉. Our sensual Lavender Ylang Ylang Soap helps rejuvenate your skin, leaving you feel fresh, moisturized and oooh so sexy all day long.
  • One 2oz.Bottle of "Love Potion #69" Mood Enhancing Body and Room Mist**
    • When you smell good, you feel good and confident. That's hot! Be irresistible with our sensual combination of Sandalwood Vanilla and Jasmine scents that are designed to enhance your attractiveness and also create playful, yet alluring and mysterious vibe*. 
  • One 4oz. Tin of “Sex Positive” Candle
    • Set the mood right for a romantic night with our mood enhancing candle. Orange blossom scent is filled with Indole, an organic compound which resemblances the smell of human intimacy aka. Sex.* What a better smell than that! 
  • One Tin of Mini Breath Mints*** 
    • It’s not that weird to value your hygiene! Don’t let your first kiss become the kiss of the death. Be the smell of fresh air.
  • One Lip Balm***
    • To keep your lips soft and moisture all the way through your first kiss and maybe makeout sess!
  • Two Flushable Wipes***
    • So you can “freshen up” in between your date
  • Two Condoms** juuuust in case!
  • One Pack of 2 Pre-pasted Mini Toothbrushes***
    • Because we want you to always be prepared. The dreadful morning breath, we’ve all been there!


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