Crafting Your Passion Project: From Dream to Reality | VIRTUAL LIVE Workshop 2.5hrs | Oct 29th 2023 @ 7-9.30PM ET | Pav Lertjitbanjong


LIVE Workshop: 2.5hrs

DATE: Sun, Oct 29th 2023

TIME: 7:00-9.30PM Eastern Standard Time

Ever dreamt of turning your passions into tangible projects or even businesses? Harness the power of science-backed strategies to bring your passion project to life. Go beyond daydreaming to creating. You'll be equipped to launch your passion project with confidence, knowledge, and a concrete plan.

Who is this for: Those who have identified their passions and are looking to make them tangible, perhaps even profitable.
If you're ever wondering... 
"How do I even start making my passion a reality?"
"Can my passion project actually sustain itself or even become a source of income?"
"What if I fail or lose interest?"

  • Develop a clear roadmap for your passion project.
  • Equip yourself with the tools and strategies to make it sustainable.
  • Overcome fear of failure with science-backed resilience techniques.
What You'll Learn:
  • Steps to validate and refine your passion project idea.
  • Hands on strategies to plan, execute, and sustain your project.
  • Techniques to handle challenges and setbacks resiliently.
Course Outline:
  • Module 1: "The Blueprint" – Structuring and refining your passion project idea.
  • Module 2: "Momentum Building" – Steps to kickstart your project effectively.
  • Module 3: "Roadblocks and Reroutes" – Handling challenges and maintaining motivation.
  • Module 4: "Sustainability and Growth" – Scaling and evolving your passion project.