Letting Go: The Science of Moving On | VIRTUAL LIVE Workshop 1.5hr | Sep 4th 2023 @ 8-9.30PM ET | Pav Lertjitbanjong


LIVE Workshop: 1.5hr

DATE: Mon, Sep 4th 2023

TIME: 8:00-9.30PM Eastern Standard Time

Haunted by the ghosts of past relationships? Explore proven techniques rooted in science to heal and elevate your emotional state. Overcome emotional baggage and rejuvenate your heart and mind.

Who is this for: Anyone trapped in the emotional aftermath of a breakup or divorce.
Are you ever wondering... "Why can't I move on?" "How can I recover from my breakup/divorce faster and more effectively?

  • Rapid emotional healing
  • Release of past emotional and energetic burdens
  • A fresh, positive perspective on life and love

What You'll Learn:
  • Science-backed techniques to process emotional pain
  • How to turn breakup pain into positive transformation
  • Strategies to let go of your past
  • Proven methods in rebuilding self-worth and confidence
  • Steps to forge a brighter emotional future

Course Outline:
  • Module 1: The Science of Heartbreak - Understanding its impact on the brain and body
  • Module 2: Techniques for Emotional Healing - Proven therapeutic approaches
  • Module 3: The Art of Letting Go - Strategies to release the past
  • Module 4: Forward Focus - Crafting a joyful emotional future