Passion to Profit: Monetize What You Love | VIRTUAL LIVE Workshop 2.5hrs | Dec 17th 2023 @ 7-9.30PM ET | Pav Lertjitbanjong


LIVE Workshop: 1.5hrs

DATE: Sun, Dec 17th 2023

TIME: 7:00-9.30PM Eastern Standard Time

Dreamt of turning your passion into a paycheck? Of waking up each day, excited to do what you love AND get paid for it? It's time to transform these dreams into delightful reality.

Who is this for: Individuals looking to transform hobbies or passions into viable income sources. Those craving a career or side hustle that aligns with their heart's desires.

If you're ever wondering... 
"Can I really earn from doing what I love?"
"How do I turn a passion project into a profitable venture?"
"Is the market even interested in what I have to offer?"
Transformational Promise: Move from passionate pursuits to profitable pathways. By the session's end, you'll have a blueprint to monetize your love and talents, with a renewed belief in the commercial value of your passions.


  • Uncover the hidden commercial potential in your passions.
  • Acquire tools and strategies to market and monetize effectively.
  • Develop a sustainable model for long-term profit from passion projects.


What You'll Learn:

  • Market analysis techniques to gauge demand for your passion-based offerings.
  • Strategies to brand, promote, and sell passion products/services.
  • Insights into managing and scaling a business born out of personal interest.


Course Outline:

  • Module 1: "Passion Meets Market: Validating Demand" – Understand if there's an audience willing to pay for your passion.
  • Module 2: "Branding the Dream: Crafting a Relatable & Resonant Brand" – Create a brand identity that communicates the essence of your passion.
  • Module 3: "Sell With Soul: Ethical and Effective Promotion Strategies" – Learn to market without compromising on the core of your passion.
  • Module 4: "Sustainability & Scaling: Growing Your Passion-Driven Venture" – Develop long-term strategies for growth and profit.