Breakup Emergency Kit - Diva


Breakup sucks. Divorce sucks.

If your friend/loved one's going through a breakup/divorce, let them know that you care and that their breakup doesn’t define who they are. THEY get to decide what they want to contribute to the world, and there’s confirmation all around them (including this one from 'YOU!), reminding them how awesome they are


Someone who's recently going through a breakup/divorce.



  • One “Because I Care” Card  
    • A mindful card with a curated quick practice to help kickstart the healing process.
  • One Pair of Collagen Eye Patches*
    • Breakups suck! We know you may be sad, angry or in pain. It’s OK to let it all out and cry! Don’t worry about puffy eyes the next day. Collagen eye patches are here to rescue!
  • One 4” Sage Smudging Stick
    • It’s believed sage has powerful healing properties, especially in cleansing negative energy.** As you’re smudging, set an intention to let go of negative energy lingering post breakup, welcome your new beginning and start feeling better!
  • One 2oz. “@sshole Repellent” Mood Enhancing Body and Room Mist***
    • You’re going through a huge transition and the last thing you want is another @sshole issue! Our signature mist is a blend of powerful essential oils that may help lift your spirit up and rebalance your energy.** When you’re balanced, you’re likely attracting positivity and naturally repel low energy @ssholes. Like does attract like! Lavender is believed to have a calming effect and promotes clarity, while Jasmine is known for its properties in attracting positivity and abundance.** Mist on "@sshole Repellent" on or around you to repel @sshole energy and enhance positive surrounding. BUT no matter how tempted you are to do this, DO NOT spray this on the @ssholes directly! It'll only further create more negativity which is the last thing you want!
  • One 4.8oz. “Energy Detox” soap
    • Wash away the old and welcome the new! Blueberry is known to have excellent antioxidant and detox benefits.** As you lather up, set an intention to let go of old negative energy, people, thoughts and things that no longer serve you. The new beginnings await!
  • One Inspirational Keychain
    • To remind you how amazing you are.
  • One Pen

  • One Mini Journal Notebook (cover color may vary)

  • Two Condoms – Well juuuuust in case!


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