Breakup Emergency Kit - Dude


Breakup sucks. Divorce sucks.

If your friend/loved one's going through a breakup/divorce, let them know that you care and that their breakup doesn’t define who they are. THEY get to decide what they want to contribute to the world, and there’s confirmation all around them (including this one from 'YOU!), reminding them how awesome they are



Someone who's recently going through a breakup/divorce.



  • One “Because I Care” Card 
    • A mindful card with a curated quick practice to help kickstart healing process
  • Two DUDE Shower Body Wipes*
    • When our lives are in distress especially after a tough breakup, we tend to neglect even the simplest human basics. You might struggle to stick to a healthy hygiene routine, it’s understandable. DUDE wipes are here to rescue (well temporarily!).
  • Two DUDE Flushable Wipes 
    • To help you also stay clean down there.*
  • One 2oz. “Big D!ck Energy” Mood Enhancing Body and Room Mist -
    • Reclaim your space and boost back your “Big D!ck Energy” aka. confidence level with a unique blend of our calming masculine fragrance mist whenever you need.** Sandalwood essential oil is known to help reduce anxiety, while Leather fragrance lends a more sophisticated scent that is a chick magnet indeed.**
  • One 4.8oz. “Smell of Freedom“ Soap Bar
    • You might not be used to being single again yet. That’s OK. We want you to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hope you will enjoy the “Smell of Freedom” just as much as we do! Lavender scent is believed to have a calming effect and lift your spirit up.** Patchouli is known to be an aphrodisiac as its seductive earthy aroma symbolizes lust, freedom and new opportunities.** Enjoy!
  • One Inspirational Keychain 
    • To remind you how amazing you are (even more so than you think).
  • One Pen

  • One 3.5”x5.5” Mini Journal Notebook (random cover color may vary)

  • Two Condoms – Well juuuuust in case!

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