Big D!ck Energy MINI Kit


Have you ever come across someone who's effortlessly cool? They are everyone's favorite! Women love them. Men like them. Old folks adore them. Kids want to play with them. And YOU wonder what exactly they've got that others don't?!

They radiate Big D!ck energy!

Btw it's not just men who can have Big D!ck Energy; ANYONE can. And noooo, we're not talking about the actual D*** size (but it doesn't hurt, of course). We are talking about someone who's relaxed confident. Because it's all in the attitude.



Anyone who needs a little boost of confidence, especially during Moments of Reset. 

CAUTION: due to the masculine scents, if you're gifting this MINI kit to women, be sure they like to smell like dudes ;) 



  • One ”Because I Care” Card
    • A curated quick practice to help boost self-confidence during Moments of Reset
  • One 4.8oz.”Big D!ck Energy” Soap Bar
    • Our unique blend of lavender and ylang-ylang fragrance will not only leave your skin squeaky clean, but also leave you smelling great, relaxed and confident. THAT is the “Big D! ck Energy” we’re talking about!
  • One 2oz. “Big D!ck Energy” mood enhancing body and room mist
    • Reclaim your space and boost your “Big D!ck Energy” aka. Relaxed confidence level with a unique blend of our calming masculine fragrance mist whenever you need.* Sandalwood essential oil is known to help reduce anxiety, while Leather fragrance lends a more sophisticated scent that is a chick(or dude) magnet indeed.*

*These statements haven’t been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult doctor before use.