Meet Coach Pav | Moments of Reset


The Creator Behind Moments of Reset Kits


As a Certified Divorce Coach ( and at times, a broken hearted, I initially created these kits for me and my clients who are going through Moments of Reset such as a breakup, divorce and the loss of loved ones. These kits are fun, empowering tools to help navigate through these tough times and kick start the healing process. 

When you feel good, you think good thoughts. You become courageous to express yourself authentically and are more confident. All these manifest into positive actions and of course, the healing of the soul.


"And I thought to myself, if these kits could heal my own heart and a handful of others, I needed to share them with the world!


This was when "Moments of Reset", the company, was born - to help you and your loved ones navigate through Moments of Reset and kick start the healing process. Because with all the BS happening in the world, we all need healing more than ever...



Coach Pav's Moments of Reset

One of my biggest Moments of Reset was my divorce. These were my very dark days. I was in the depths of my depression stage; my mind and body were on autopilot. I spent days, weeks, even months feeling sad and depressed. Before I knew it, a year had gone by, and nothing’d been accomplished. And I regretted watching my life pass before my eyes while I was sitting around doing nothing.


"And one day, this voice inside of me told me I needed to something. It was hard to think of anything positive when I was living in Hell. But this time, instead of denying myself the right to feel sad or experience pain as usual, I allowed myself to fully feel these suppressed emotions for the first time."


I felt these dark feelings deep inside my soul. I came to an acceptance of the pain from my loss. And that was my "aha" moment. I immediately knew I was finally on my way to a healthy and critical part of the healing process.

Fast forward, two years later, I'm now a changed woman. My Moments of Reset taught me that I was stronger and more courageous than I thought I was. I am complete, strong, and capable of standing on my own.


"I knew the hole I’d always felt in my heart could only be filled by ME. It's closing up as I'm finally healed and ready to greet my new beginning with open arms."


Are you ready to heal and discover your new beginning? Let’s get started!